MedTrust Capital Group finds innovative financing solutions for medical professionals.

MedTrust Capital Group is far more flexible than competitor lenders you’ll encounter online, because we only lend to doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals.

Recently a big bank directly referred us a dentist who required more flexible financing solutions than the bank could provide. It’s a feather in our cap to not only be able to handle the deals big banks can’t do, but to get direct client referrals from them.

MedTrust Capital helped the dentist refinance and consolidate debt with a loan for $733,000 with a credit score around 640. Through financing with MedTrust Capital Group, the dentist is now saving around $10,000 a month. What the bank couldn’t do– we got done.

In another case this month, MedTrust Capital Group financed a veterinary clinic in Pennsylvania. This was a job a big bank could have done, but the client came to MedTrust Capital through a Google search, looking for concierge service. The doctor refinanced and took additional funding for working capital with MedTrust Capital Group. The financing will help the clinic save $10,500 a month, adding up to over $126,000 a year.

These are just two examples of what we do. Financing solutions are everywhere, but you’ll only choose one. Trust the experts at MedTrust Capital Group. We are always looking for new opportunities to help healthcare practices grow. If you think we can help you, let us know.