Refinancing a healthcare practice can save it money.

refinancing your practice

Refinancing with MedTrust Capital Group

A former dental practice client emailed me several months ago after reading an email I had sent to several other past clients telling the story about how MedTrust Capital Group had helped secure a doctor’s retirement future through creative real estate practice financing. The dentist wasn’t sure I could help, but he let us know what he wanted to do and I gave him the information he needed. He was interested in refinancing a practice.

He had an existing $250,000 debt that he wanted to refinance because the payments were getting to be a headache. I was able to restructure the practice’s debt and get the dentist another $200,000 in working capital. When we were finished, we lowered the dentist’s monthly payments by almost $5,000! That’s $5,000 more a month to invest in retirement or to put into other projects.

When does refinancing make sense for a dental practice? It depends. When the conditions are right and you can save $5,000 a month in payments, the choice is clear.

Refinancing your practice might make sense. MedTrust Capital Group’s experts will examine your existing debt and let you know where we can help—and where we can’t. Even when I can’t help you, you’ll feel empowered by your complimentary consultation with MedTrust Capital Group. Give me a call today and feel more confident and knowledgeable about your practice’s financial health.