Recent Healthcare Practice FinancingMedTrust Capital announces recent healthcare practice financing successes.

If you’ve had a hard time getting in touch with us this month it’s because of the tremendous volume of recent healthcare practice financing we’ve accomplished.

First, a $2.9MM loan for a dental practice which ended up saving the practice $21,000 a month. Next, we refinanced a past dental practice client, saving the client some money and keeping their cash flow strong. Past financing clients return to us often and we provide smart, innovative financing solutions. Finally we were referred a client through the Professional Eye Care Associates of America and helped the client’s practice finance over $200,000 for a construction and build-out of new exam rooms.

We can’t help every healthcare professional, but if your professional practice is growing, you’re buying a new practice, starting a new practice, or want to buy real estate for your practice with 0 money down, call us or send a message through our site.