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Buying a Pharmacy with Zero Money Down

Buying a pharmacy with zero money down

Buying a pharmacy with zero money down is possible, depending on your income level, credit history, financial strength, amount of assets, and other factors. MedTrust Capital Group provides solutions specific to buying a pharmacy with zero money down.

We analyze the specific needs of your project and come up with flexible lending solutions that meet those needs. MedTrust Capital Group is not bound by stringent guidelines, low Loan-To-Value Ratios, or bureaucracy like a big bank. After a brief phone consultation we can tell you whether you can start planning on buying a pharmacy with zero money down, or if you’ll need a down payment and how much.

Buying a Pharmacy with Zero Money Down

Pharmacies have existed since ancient times!

MedTrust Capital Group is the transparent financing group. When we can’t help, we put you in touch with the smart groups who can. Buying a pharmacy with zero money down isn’t easy. MedTrust Capital Group can only offer zero-down commercial estate loans to pharmacists that occupy at least 51% of the building they purchase. Zero down financing is not possible for every client. But when it’s possible, a big bank isn’t as likely to tell you.

MedTrust Capital Group has a more diverse range of financial products available for health professionals than a bank– because we only work with health professionals. There are many steps and moving parts when buying a pharmacy. Finance your pharmacy purchase with MedTrust Capital Group.

Recent Healthcare Practice Financing

Recent Healthcare Practice FinancingMedTrust Capital announces recent healthcare practice financing successes.

If you’ve had a hard time getting in touch with us this month it’s because of the tremendous volume of recent healthcare practice financing we’ve accomplished.

First, a $2.9MM loan for a dental practice which ended up saving the practice $21,000 a month. Next, we refinanced a past dental practice client, saving the client some money and keeping their cash flow strong. Past financing clients return to us often and we provide smart, innovative financing solutions. Finally we were referred a client through the Professional Eye Care Associates of America and helped the client’s practice finance over $200,000 for a construction and build-out of new exam rooms.

We can’t help every healthcare professional, but if your professional practice is growing, you’re buying a new practice, starting a new practice, or want to buy real estate for your practice with 0 money down, call us or send a message through our site.

Dental Practice Financing Saves Client $21,000 a month

Dental Practice Financing Saves Client $21,000 a month on a $2.9MM loan

Earlier this summer a clidental practice financing saves clientent came to MedTrust Capital via our Facebook page seeking dental practice financing. After a brief consultation with our chief collaborator, the practice manager was informed that through creative refinancing she could save the practice around $21,000 a month in practice financing.

Several months later their multi-million dollar loan closed, financing the dental practice and freeing up $21,000 a month for the practice to invest and use to build wealth. MedTrust Capital Group guided the client through every stage of the financing process, from the initial proposal, revisions, and the final financing close.

Can we assist you with dental practice financing that will save you thousands of dollars every month? It’s definitely possible. Give us a call or send us a message. We can look at the numbers and let you know if it’s possible.


MedTrust Capital Group recently approved a $3,030,000 refinancing package for a dental practice which has been operating for only a year. The practice is very successful, but because it’s a new practice, other banks wouldn’t give the practice the time of day. MedTrust Capital Group analyzed the practice’s debt structure and informed the practice manager and doctor how they could easily save $20,000 every month in payments with a specialty refinance program.

And where does that extra $20,000 a month go?

Through the wonders of compound interest, the small investments the practice makes because of greatly improved cash flow guarantees a secure retirement nest egg.

If you think your practice is paying too much per month on its practice financing, give us a call and let MedTrust Capital Group check to see if we can get your cash flow back on track.

Interest Rate Isn’t Everything

Where do Doctors get loans?Let’s imagine an extreme scenario. A doctor, dentist, veterinarian or optometrist is financing a practice. The medical professional goes to their bank and gets offered a $300,000 loan at 0% interest. They are overjoyed and enthusiastically apply, without thinking twice. Wouldn’t you? They are turned down, immediately. The standards for this imaginary loan are an 800 credit score, a down payment of 70%, $1 million in cash on deposit at the same bank, and a debt-to-income ratio of 5%. The result would be that very few individuals could acquire such financing and the results of acquiring this imaginary financing would make very little financial sense for most healthcare practices.

The point of this extreme, imaginary financing product is to show that interest rate is not the most important part of financing a practice.

Interest rate is important, but it’s not everything. The standards the lender uses are an equally important piece of the right financing. Next, how your practice debt is structured and your monthly cash flow are equally important parts of the package.

Taking your financing needs to a niche lender like MedTrust Capital Group makes sense for doctors, dentists, optometrists, and veterinarians because we understand this complex matrix of factors and can explain it to you in a way that makes sense. We do what your bank does, but can give you more useful information and consultation. It’s even possible we’ll send you to a big bank, if that’s the best financing option for you.

If you talk to us, you’ll see why big banks actually usually refer clients to us, rather than the other way around. We have flexible standards, competitive rates, and know healthcare business financing and the best practices for maximizing cash flow and ultimately wealth.

Interest rate is not the end of the line when it comes to financing. Talk to the experts at MedTrust Capital Group about your entire financing package and the innovative, flexible solutions we provide to healthcare professionals of all specialties.

Million Dollar Practice Financing Deals with MedTrust Capital Group

veterinarian examining husky dogA rapidly growing Michigan veterinary practice was referred to MedTrust Capital by a top practice consultant. The practice needed to expand and needed to expand soon and sensibly. MedTrust Capital Group arranged for $4.43 million in practice financing for the practice. The money will cover a massive addition to the doctor’s building, a complete refinance of the practice’s debt, and working capital. The doctor had to inject $35,000 of her own capital which was immediately offset by $75,000 working capital financing.

Does this sound like the kind of capital injection your practice needs to grow?

Also this month, a major bank referred MedTrust Capital Group a veterinary practice acquisition by an out of state doctor and non-doctor practice manager that it could not make happen. MedTrust Capital Group was able to achieve the financing, despite the challenges, through innovative solutions, big banks can’t use. MedTrust provided financing for the sale with a small carry back by the seller, making the financing virtually 0 down. After funding the practice’s real estate at $1.150 million, we were also able to provide $50,000 in working capital.

Practice consultants, practice managers, lawyers, CPAs, and healthcare professionals refer healthcare practice financing to MedTrust Capital Group because we are the experts in innovative, niche financing for these practices. Whether it’s a million dollar real estate financing deal, a small working capital injection, or both, MedTrust Capital Group can find the financing program for your practice’s needs.

Why Does Refinancing a Practice Make Sense?

Refinancing a healthcare practice can save it money.

refinancing your practice

Refinancing with MedTrust Capital Group

A former dental practice client emailed me several months ago after reading an email I had sent to several other past clients telling the story about how MedTrust Capital Group had helped secure a doctor’s retirement future through creative real estate practice financing. The dentist wasn’t sure I could help, but he let us know what he wanted to do and I gave him the information he needed. He was interested in refinancing a practice.

He had an existing $250,000 debt that he wanted to refinance because the payments were getting to be a headache. I was able to restructure the practice’s debt and get the dentist another $200,000 in working capital. When we were finished, we lowered the dentist’s monthly payments by almost $5,000! That’s $5,000 more a month to invest in retirement or to put into other projects.

When does refinancing make sense for a dental practice? It depends. When the conditions are right and you can save $5,000 a month in payments, the choice is clear.

Refinancing your practice might make sense. MedTrust Capital Group’s experts will examine your existing debt and let you know where we can help—and where we can’t. Even when I can’t help you, you’ll feel empowered by your complimentary consultation with MedTrust Capital Group. Give me a call today and feel more confident and knowledgeable about your practice’s financial health.


Commercial Real Estate Financing for Healthcare Practices: Zero Money Down

Commercial Real Estate Financing for Healthcare Practices

Commercial Real Estate Financing for Healthcare Practices

Most large banks and lenders require a partial down payment for commercial real estate financing. A down payment can be a headache and an unwanted expense.

A commercial real estate down payment can become a roadblock, stopping your commercial real estate plans before they even get started. However, if you own a professional healthcare practice, you have the option of using a niche, correspondent lender such as MedTrust Capital Group and avoiding your down payment altogether with the help of our innovative financing solutions.

MedTrust Capital Group has pioneered the use of financial products designed specifically for physicians, dentists, optometrists, veterinarians, and healthcare specialties to allow these practices to finance commercial real estate without down payments. Zero down commercial real estate financing exists with MedTrust Capital Group.

What sets MedTrust Capital Group apart from the banks and our competitors is that zero money down financing is possible. We can finance amounts from $5K to $20M. There are no call provisions or balloon payments.

At the end of 2016 MedTrust Capital provided a no money down $1.8 million dollar loan to a Texas optometrist, who had been turned down by her local bank. This is just one example of a zero down commercial real estate loan. Contact us directly and find out if this type of financing is right for your practice.

How a $450K Dental Practice Loan from MedTrust Saved a Practice

dental practice loan

dental practice loan

A $450,000 MedTrust Capital dental practice loan saved a dental practice from serious financial trouble.

MedTrust Capital Group was able to save a dental practice with a $450K dental practice loan. MedTrust was referred a client by a highly respected consultant group. The consultants saw great potential in the practice, but realized it needed to refinance to grow. MedTrust Capital Group stepped in and was able to refinance the practice with a $450,000 loan and get another $100,000 in working capital. The dental practice will save around $2,000 a month in payments due to the refinance and has extra capital to pay their consultant group. With the help of expert practice consultants, dental practice financing experts, hard work and a little luck, the dental practice will be on a path to achieve a dramatic increase in profit in 2017 with the help of MedTrust Capital Group.

If your practice is struggling to make regular payments, or if you’d just like to find out if refinance is right for you, give us a call today.

Medical Practice Financing in the 21st Century

The changing face of medical practice financing in the 21st century.

Medical practices have changed in the first decades of the 21st century. From new medical technologies and medications, to the Affordable Care Act, medical practices have evolved with changing times. Likewise medical practice financing has changed. Today concierge-style healthcare practices where patients pay a monthly fee for access to the physician’s primary care services exist alongside large insurer-based healthcare network corporations. Independent primary care healthcare practices operate alongside specialized practices focused on preventative treatments. Medical practices are almost as diverse as the populations they serve.

As medical practices change, the need for innovative financing solutions becomes apparent. Big banks and conventional lenders can be hesitant to work with start-ups and medical practices focusing on non-traditional treatment. Medical practice financing has never been a science, but now more than ever, flexible credit terms without red tape and transparent guidelines are necessary for medical practices.

Similar to the concierge style of medical care, MedTrust Capital Group offers personal, 7 days a week financing assistance to medical practices—to the doctors themselves or the managers and CEOs that run practices. Innovation is the key. MedTrust Capital Group is the innovative practice financing group for the 21st century.