The changing face of medical practice financing in the 21st century.

Medical practices have changed in the first decades of the 21st century. From new medical technologies and medications, to the Affordable Care Act, medical practices have evolved with changing times. Likewise medical practice financing has changed. Today concierge-style healthcare practices where patients pay a monthly fee for access to the physician’s primary care services exist alongside large insurer-based healthcare network corporations. Independent primary care healthcare practices operate alongside specialized practices focused on preventative treatments. Medical practices are almost as diverse as the populations they serve.

As medical practices change, the need for innovative financing solutions becomes apparent. Big banks and conventional lenders can be hesitant to work with start-ups and medical practices focusing on non-traditional treatment. Medical practice financing has never been a science, but now more than ever, flexible credit terms without red tape and transparent guidelines are necessary for medical practices.

Similar to the concierge style of medical care, MedTrust Capital Group offers personal, 7 days a week financing assistance to medical practices—to the doctors themselves or the managers and CEOs that run practices. Innovation is the key. MedTrust Capital Group is the innovative practice financing group for the 21st century.