loans for dentistsLoans for dentists are our specialty.

Loans for dentists are one of MedTrust Capital Group’s specialties. We are a niche lender, with over half our business coming from loans for dental professionals (including orthodontists and endodontists). Why would a dentist need a loan?  One of the most common reasons MedTrust provides loans for dentists is to finance commercial real estate for practice expansions and acquisitions. From established and growing practices, to start-ups, MedTrust Capital provides loans for dentists that are truly unique. MedTrust Capital Group can fund a 0 down commercial real estate loan for a dental practice if your practice occupies at least 51% of the building. Credit scores as low as 500 can qualify and funds are typically available in 45 days. These loans can be from $5K to $20M and there are no call provisions or balloon payments.

Talk to MedTrust Capital Group if you are a dentist who needs a loan. Furthermore, whether you are a dentist yourself, business manager, CEO, or consultant, MedTrust Capital Group has the information necessary to move forward on your loans for dentists you work with. While banks can provide financing for many situations, there are just as many that require a niche lender who can structure your practice debt properly. MedTrust Capital Group is that niche lender.