Funding a medical practice Start Up the right way

Funding a medical practice start-up, dental start-up, optometry start-up, or veterinary practice start-up can be difficult. Operating costs can be extremely high and the start-up costs can be daunting. This shouldn’t scare an ambitious professional from funding a medical practice start up and start336x280ing their own practice, however. There are many options for raising money to start a new medical practice that have proved successful for many professional practices. Some options make more sense than others and the route a start-up takes depends on the particular financial health and goals of the new practice.

Medical, dental, optometry, and vet start-ups partner several professionals and can pool their resources. Some start-up practices dig into their personal savings or their home equity. A few start-ups have even used credit cards to finance day to day expenses. But the most common and successful method of start-up funding are traditional loans. Financial institutions are willing to lend to medical practice start-ups because of the perceived safety and profit potential. The odds for default are very slim. Loans for medical, dental, optometry, and veterinary practices are MedTrust Capital Group’s niche speciality.

MedTrust Capital Group understands the unique challenges of start-up financing for medical practices. Although these traditional loans are the best way to secure financing, and they are lucrative for big banks, not all medical practice start-up financing is created equally or will serve a start-up’s unique needs. Big banks will try to sell a professional on a product. MedTrust Capital Group is interested in helping a start-up achieve the best financing for its particular needs.