Healthcare Group Practice Financing

Finance Your Healthcare Group with the Healthcare Experts

healthcare group practice financingHealthcare practice groups are becoming increasingly popular and MedTrust Capital Group has special programs designed for healthcare group practice financing. MedTrust Capital Group can fund large DSOs (Dental Service Organizations) or several independent physicians joining together into a small to medium group practice with different locations. Right now the possibilities for growth and profit in healthcare groups for dentists or physicians are incredible.

MedTrust Capital Group can finance multiple practice locations, start-up costs for the group, acquisition costs, and much more. In many situations we can provide healthcare group financing for 0 money down. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve through technology and legislation, both in the United States and internationally, healthcare group practices will become even more important and financing these unique organizations will fall to lenders like MedTrust Capital Group that understand the unique challenges of healthcare group practice financing.

Whether you are starting with one practice or already have an established a multi-practice business, we can and have funded multi-million dollar expansions, refinances to improve cash-flow, and real estate.

Group practice financing doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll need to plan ahead. Talk to MedTrust Capital Group about your healthcare group plans. It’s always a free phone call and you can secure financing early with us by getting pre-approved.