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At MedTrust, we understand the unique needs of dental practice financing. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive dental practice loans available in the industry. We know the amount of hard work required to operate a successful dental practice. That’s why we want to help you secure your practice’s success by creating a custom loan package that meets all your needs.

100% Dental Practice Financing

At MedTrust Capital we do not provide “cookie cutter” loans. We will analyze the project and your current financial situation, and then we structure a financing solution that is right for you. Funds are typically available within 45 days. Whether you need money for cash flow, taxes or personal expenses such as divorce settlements, MedTrust can help.

Working Capital Loans for Dentists

We can provide working capital loans of up to $300,000 for dentists. Typical uses of a working capital loan include:

  • Marketing
  • Cash flow coverage during a seasonal downturn in business
  • Hiring new employee(s)
  • Taxes
  • Divorce settlement
  • Personal debt
  • Investment

The rates and terms vary based on a number of factors such as income, assets and purpose of the working capital. Other factors include the type of medicine practiced, the financial strength of the borrower/practice, and credit history. Our best program has a variable rate ranging from Prime minus 1% up to Prime plus 2% with Interest Only payments. Our other program rates run higher depending upon qualifications, and are fixed payments for 6 or 7 years. The payments can be deferred for 90 days. We can also use the Working Capital program in conjunction with other financing on a larger project. We will often provide Real Estate financing or Equipment Leasing and Working Capital loans for a project, which allows for a zero down payment. Unlike other lenders in the industry, MedTrust Capital Group provides a financing package that is designed for the specific project, whether it’s one loan or a combination of loans.

Zero-Down Commercial Real Estate Loans

Unlike banks, we provide solutions specific to dental practices. We offer flexible solutions that cater to the specific needs of your project. We understand your industry and are not bound by strict guidelines, low Loan-To-Value Ratios, or bureaucracy. We offer zero-money down commercial estate loans to dentists occupying at least 51% of the building. What sets us apart from the banks and our competitors: Zero money down financing is possible; amounts from $5K to $20M; there are no call provisions or balloon payments.

Dental Practice Debt Consolidation

We have helped a great many dentists get out of debt and grow their business with our programs. A properly structured loan can save thousands of dollars a month and dramatically increase your cash flow. MedTrust will analyze your existing loan structure, allowing you to determine whether or not it makes sense to refinance into one manageable payment. We can also help with your adjustable-rate SBA loans by moving them to a fixed-rate. We even have terms available for up to 15-years.

Starting a Dental Practice

Starting your own practice should be an exciting prospect for any dentist. But often times the costs can seem overwhelming. Equipment, location, furniture, supplies, marketing, and staff costs add up quickly. MedTrust will assess your needs and determine what time of financing makes the most sense for you and your new practice. We offer conventional, portfolio, SBA and non-traditional financing. If you’re considering purchasing a building, 25-30 year terms are available on real estate financing when done in conjunction with your new practice.

Buying a Dental Practice

Acquiring an existing dental practice can be one of the best investments of your career. The built-in staff, patient-base and equipment make for a considerably more stable venture. However those perks often require a higher price tag. MedTrust can help you secure the necessary financing to make the transition to your new practice seamless. We have terms of up to 15 years and can hold an approval for up to one year while the final details are worked out with the former owner.

Dental Practice Expansion, Remodel, and Relocation Loans

Whether you have one office and are looking to add a second, or you have 12 and want to add five more, MedTrust Capital can help you secure the financing to grow. Financing is even available for dentists looking to remodel their current location and those looking relocate to a more fitting location. Rates and terms vary depending on the size and scope of the loan, but 100% financing is possible.

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