Dental Practice Financing Saves Client $21,000 a month on a $2.9MM loan

Earlier this summer a clidental practice financing saves clientent came to MedTrust Capital via our Facebook page seeking dental practice financing. After a brief consultation with our chief collaborator, the practice manager was informed that through creative refinancing she could save the practice around $21,000 a month in practice financing.

Several months later their multi-million dollar loan closed, financing the dental practice and freeing up $21,000 a month for the practice to invest and use to build wealth. MedTrust Capital Group guided the client through every stage of the financing process, from the initial proposal, revisions, and the final financing close.

Can we assist you with dental practice financing that will save you thousands of dollars every month? It’s definitely possible. Give us a call or send us a message. We can look at the numbers and let you know if it’s possible.