Commercial Real Estate Financing for Healthcare Practices

Commercial Real Estate Financing for Healthcare Practices

Most large banks and lenders require a partial down payment for commercial real estate financing. A down payment can be a headache and an unwanted expense.

A commercial real estate down payment can become a roadblock, stopping your commercial real estate plans before they even get started. However, if you own a professional healthcare practice, you have the option of using a niche, correspondent lender such as MedTrust Capital Group and avoiding your down payment altogether with the help of our innovative financing solutions.

MedTrust Capital Group has pioneered the use of financial products designed specifically for physicians, dentists, optometrists, veterinarians, and healthcare specialties to allow these practices to finance commercial real estate without down payments. Zero down commercial real estate financing exists with MedTrust Capital Group.

What sets MedTrust Capital Group apart from the banks and our competitors is that zero money down financing is possible. We can finance amounts from $5K to $20M. There are no call provisions or balloon payments.

At the end of 2016 MedTrust Capital provided a no money down $1.8 million dollar loan to a Texas optometrist, who had been turned down by her local bank. This is just one example of a zero down commercial real estate loan. Contact us directly and find out if this type of financing is right for your practice.