Who is MedTrust Capital Group?

We are the healthcare practice financing experts.

Jay Horenstein

Founder/ Chief Collaborator

Jay Horenstein has been in the healthcare financing industry for 20 years. He founded MedTrust Capital Group to provide boutique-style financing services to healthcare professionals of all specialties. He is an Oregon native and avid martial artist. He recently became a dad and enjoys spending time with his family and traveling, while bringing together clients and partners in financing success.

  • Leadership 95% 95%
  • Strategic Planning 80% 80%
  • Consultation 50% 50%

Debbie Sands

Manager of Collaboration

Debbie has worked in banking industry in the Northwest for over 30 years, and has extensive experience in mortgages, processing and commercial lending, company acquisitions, and specialized tax credit financing.  Debbie is active with the Chamber of Commerce and has a banking and finance degree from the University of Oregon. Debbie’s expertise is in developing financial solutions that target a practice’s specific needs and help achieve its goals.

  • Operations 50% 50%
  • Processing 60% 60%
  • Client Service 70% 70%


MedTrust Capital Group was founded to provide boutique-style financing for healthcare professionals of all specialties. MedTrust will design the best loan for your healthcare practice. Unlike many banks, we understand healthcare lending.

Comprehensive Financing

MedTrust Capital Group can provide all healthcare specialties with comprehensive financing including financing for purchasing a practice, starting an additional practice, remodeling your existing practice, refinancing, expanding, purchasing or refinancing real estate, or obtaining working capital.


MedTrust Capital Group does not simply sell financial products. We work with you on an individual basis to get the financing for your practice that makes sense for you and your bottom line.


MedTrust Capital Group does what banks do and what banks cannot do. We source from a diverse network of investors and partners to work with challenging and unique practice financing situations.

Recent Closed Transactions

See these recent success stories made possible by MedTrust Capital Group.

3 Big Wins in Creative Financing

MedTrust Capital Group refinanced an Oregon dental practice for $660,000, saving the practice $4,000 a month and referred the practice to a respected consultant who is set to help increase the practice's cash flow and profitability. MedTrust Capital Group refinanced...

Over $3 Million in Financing for Growing Texas Optometry Practice

A growing optometry practice in Texas with 3 locations was referred to MedTrust Capital Group by a respected group of healthcare practice advisers who help manage the practices to handle a complex group of loans, including a commercial real estate loan and refinance...

$3,030,000 Refinancing for a Dental Practice

A year old dental practice, very profitable, but the bigger banks were not interested in refinancing it, even as the payments were obviously getting too high. MedTrust Capital Group stepped in and got the practice approved for a $3,030,000 refinance saving the practice $20,000 a month.

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