Helping Healthcare Practices with Financing Solutions

Dental Practice Financing, Pharmacy Loans, Loans for Veterinarians

MedTrust Capital Group provides comprehensive healthcare practice financing solutions specifically designed your practice. Whether you’re a DentistOptometristVeterinarianPhysician, or Pharmacist, we provide practice financing for all specialties.


Why Do You Need a Medical Practice Loan?

Do you need to finance commercial real estate, refinance existing practice debt, expand your practice, start or buy a practice or multiple practices, obtain working capital or buy new equipment? We can help.

After a complimentary consultation, we can create a personalized financing plan for your practice. MedTrust Capital Group is a pioneer in zero down business and commercial real estate financing for healthcare professionals. We are a unique lender for a unique client.

MedTrust Capital Group Primary Objectives

  • Structure Proper Debt.  MedTrust Capital Group consults and advises clients on sustainable practice debt. There are ‘good’ debt structures and ‘bad’ debt structures and MedTrust Capital Group will help you and your practice sort the differences.
  • Finance Smart.  We will never sell you on a financial product like a bank will because we’re not a bank. We do everything a bank can do, but some things a bank can’t do. We help clients finance smart in a crowded marketplace.
  • Increase Cash Flow. Smart financing with properly structured debt will increase your cash flow. Our objective is to make sure you keep more money at the end of the month.
  • Build Wealth. When you increase your practice cash flow you can invest that money back into your practice, another practice, a retirement account, real estate, or even a simple savings account– all of which will build wealth over time– wealth you wouldn’t have built without properly structured debt.
  • 0 Down Business and Real Estate Financing. MedTrust Capital Group pioneered 0 down commercial real estate financing for health practices. While it’s not for every single practice, the possibilities of 0 down financing are remarkable and can save you money right away in financing your practice and years down the road.

Healthcare practice financing isn’t every lender’s specialty, but it is MedTrust Capital Group’s only specialty.

Why Use a Specialty Lender?

We Offer What Big Banks Can’t When It Comes to Medical Practice Financing

We can do everything a bank can do when it comes to healthcare practice financing, but we can also do what banks can’t. Our experienced team has over 20 years of experience in healthcare practice lending. The big corporate banks and your local credit union are great for financing– but when it comes to your healthcare practice and its unique challenges, these solutions don’t always work. Big banks are working with thousands of business clients– some are healthcare, most aren’t. Banks can be impersonal and miss the details. MedTrust, on the other hand, is a specialty, niche lender. We understand the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. You’re never a number– even with health professionals from all over the country coming to us for financing– we treat every client with specialized, individual service.

We Get Creative and Have a Focus on Custom Medical Practice Loans

As a specialty lender, we get creative. Your credit score matters, but its just a part of the big picture. Your business plan matters, and the details of your financing, as well– but with a specialty lender we understand the loopholes, shortcuts, and quick fixes that will make your financing go smoother. When you’ve had trouble with your bank, talk to us. We can’t help every healthcare practice, but we can explain to why and get you moving forward.

We Have a Wide Network of Healthcare Industry Professionals at the Ready

We also work with a wide network of healthcare industry support professionals– lawyers, CPAs, practice managers and consultants, marketing professionals, and brokers. Working with MedTrust Capital Group taps our clients into a deep resource that might help today or a few years from now. We are endorsed as the lender of choice by the ADMC (Academy of Dental Management Consultants) as well as PECAA (Professional Eye Care Associates of America). We are also members of the Dental Experts Network, which nurtures relationships between professionals who work with and for the dental profession.

Learn More About MedTrust’s Medical Practice Loans

We have specialty financing programs for physician practice financing, dental practice financing, optometry practice financing, veterinary practice financing, pharmacy financing, and chiropractic practice financing. To view details on these programs click below or contact us.