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The Most Comprehensive Financing in the Healthcare Industry
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Loans for Doctors, Including Dentists, Veterinarians & Physicians

MedTrust Capital Group offers the most comprehensive financing in the healthcare industry. Whether you are a dentist, veterinarian, physician, optometrist, or a doctor with a more unique specialty, we can offer you loans that maximize your overall wealth and retirement income. MedTrust Capital Group also handles all aspects of financing for pharmacists, from startup capital to funds for new inventory, a remodel or even debt consolidation. Our comprehensive financial solutions consist of commercial real estate loans, practice refinance loans, working capital loans, medical equipment financing and loans for doctors looking to acquire new medical practices. If you are interested in more information regarding our financing for doctors, give us a call or visit the service pages below.

Practice Refinance

Cash flow is critical to the success of any practice, regardless of size. We will analyze the unique cash flow needs of your practice and the structure of your existing loans to help you decide if combining your financing into one manageable payment is the right move. By restructuring their loans, our clients have been able to consolidate real estate payments, credit card debt – even car and boat loans – freeing up working capital that can be invested back into their business.

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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is simply the best vehicle for doctors to grow their wealth and retirement income. Imagine retiring at a specific age and selling your medical practice, but maintaining the Real Estate in your portfolio. Not only will you end up with a lump sum from the sale of your medical practice, but you will also receive ongoing tax benefits, income, and equity appreciation from your commercial real estate.

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Practice Acquisition/Start Up

MedTrust Capital understands that purchasing or starting up a practice is a major career move. Perhaps you are a Doctor looking to buy an established practice, or maybe you currently have an established practice and would like to acquire an additional location. Whatever your needs, MedTrust Capital Group can finance your future.

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Equipment Financing

Leasing has emerged to be the most popular form of equipment financing for Healthcare practices. It allows you to keep up to date with current technology, avoid depreciation, retain profits (as opposed to outsourcing to labs), and gain tax benefits. We can provide you with a lease vs. traditional financing analysis to determine your best course of action.

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Financing for Pharmacies

At MedTrust, we understand the unique financial challenges that owning a pharmacy can create. That’s why we offer a wide variety of financing options, from real estate and practice acquisition to debt consolidation, expansion, capital for new inventory and more. We also offer great rates and great rates and flexible terms for pharmacists, whether you’re just moving in to your first practice, or you’re ready to move up to your next property.

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Working Capital

We provide working capital loans up to $300K. We have three programs to offer which vary based on your specific needs. The rates and terms vary based on the purpose of the working capital and factors tied to income, assets, and weather or not the financing it is collateralized.

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Two Dentists, Separate practices, One goal: To build & share Real Estate

With a combined savings in monthly payments of $12K and the elimination of lease payments on their office space, these dentists gained a $1.5m building, have lower payments, and have real estate appreciation & tax benefits for life.

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